legal wit—take the lane, don't make your own

legal wit—take the lane, don't make your own
In metropolitan Vancouver on a two-way street on July 12, 2001, Mr. Dickson decided to ride his motorcycle between two lanes of traffic. Cars waiting for a traffic light to change occupied those lanes. To Mr. Dickson's chagrin, one of the cars he overtook was a police cruiser.

… on Mr. Dickson's interpretation of [s. 158(2)] his maneuver at the intersection would be acceptable in law. If that were so, then at any intersection where cars wait for a traffic light, motorcycles could filter in and fill up the spaces between the vehicle lanes, like styrofoam peanuts filling empty space in a shipping box. It takes little imagination to picture the chaos that would result when the light turns green and the motorcycles jostle and jockey to regain their proper position in the traffic lanes. I would not be the author of an interpretation that would lead to that chaotic result.

R. v. Dickson
2003 CarswellBC 652
British Columbia Supreme Court
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