Five reasons document automation is more relevant than ever before

Five reasons document automation is more relevant than ever before

A few months ago, the list of lawyers who had done contract drafting while also running an unofficial classroom out of their kitchen was pretty small. Nowadays, it could be any one of us.


When it comes to traditional ways of working, 2020 has been full of disruption. But what hasn't changed is the need to meet client expectations and maintain law firm productivity. In times like these, the right tools are making all the difference.


One such tool is Contract Express, enterprise document automation for global law firms and corporations. Businesses that seek more efficient contract drafting, management, and updates for agreements large and small are turning to Contract Express for a variety of reasons.


1. It alleviates the challenges of reduced staffing capabilities


In uncertain economic times, your law firm's ability to hire staff is likely to be limited, substantially. With the functionality of Contract Express and its dynamic engine, lawyers can more easily and quickly draft contracts using markup variables. The lawyer's markup can be as sophisticated and complex as required by the customer's needs, allowing lawyers to meet workload expectations and client demands without having to hire more support staff.


2. It enables collaboration through distance


The need to collaborate didn't disappear when lawyers and staff started working from home. In fact, the importance of effective collaboration has been made even more clear. Contract Express allows your lawyers to collaborate and draft documents, even from afar, while keeping your team on target.


3. It makes client interaction easy from anywhere


Clients might not be able to meet at your office. But documents still need to be reviewed, completed, and signed. Contract Express allows you and your clients to do all this efficiently, without needing to meet in person.


4. It helps meet client demands for lower overhead


It's almost axiomatic that law firms are always under pressure to reduce fees, especially for active clients with a higher demand for legal services. Similarly, a weakening economy can be counted upon to make clients more sensitive toward their legal spend, demanding innovative legal practices and billing methods.


One practical response to these demands is the contract drafting portal with Contract Express that lets clients add specific contract details themselves. Lawyers can then review the end product for accuracy and help as needed, saving clients billable time.


5. It's attractive to new clients


Further to the point above about pressure to reduce fees, law firms today need to specifically showcase how they achieve greater efficiency and cost-savings for their clients. Using document automation software, in addition to offering basic documents on your website at no charge, shows prospects that your firm understands their budgetary limitations. In uncertain economic times, tools like Contract Express aren’t just for the clients you have, they allow you to maintain profitability and win new business with a message that resonates.


To get a complete view of how Contract Express can help your law firm streamline and automate its document creation processes, watch our recent webinar on this topic.

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