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Port Morien has probably never seen much by way of swashbuckling. Over the centuries, Basque and Portuguese fishermen, French coal miners and later generations have come and gone. There has been no historically significant incident that might put one in mind of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl.

On 1 July 2006 that the waters off North Head, one of the arms of land that frame Morien Bay, became the scene of a costly and potentially dangerous farce, complete with a boarding party, ramming broadsides, swinging gaffs and male ego and aggression dressed up in pantomime costume as a sense of "honour".

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Sometimes the bizarre actions of a moment in time appear less absurd when seen in their context. Regrettably that is not the case here.

R. v. Munden
2009 CarswellNS 111
Nova Scotia Provincial Court

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